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Man forages all the time..

We look to our environmental to provide us with the things we need to live. Food, clothing, shelter, recreation even information.

The art of foraging has grown and evolved as we have grown. If your are interested in a sub-domain to promote your product or service or support the ethical foraging Please click the hosting link.

Types of things we forage.

  • Food. We have been gathering food from the environment since life began on the planet. Foragers of food did not just take the food. In fact we gave lots back. Foragers were in fact gardeners they developed food forest that feed more each year though skillful interaction with the plants an the soils. Watch for our upcoming Live Streaming events ForagerTalkLive.
  • Building materials. This is fabulous area of foraging. here it can be wood from our wood lots, Cuttings from the neighbors yard. Used materials form our other actives. Tires, cans, bottles, pallets, boxes, Shipping containers, car windows etc.
  • Energy. This is another extensive area, Wood, algae manure etc.
  • Reusables This is the most neglected of our 3 ,s It is also second in the list of importance. Reduce is the first reduce our consumption, Reuse and repair till it is no longer functional. The recycle to be re manufactured.
  • Medicines. here is the reason this site was first created. The wild crafting of medicinal plants. We have been doing this one for hundred of thousands of years. We have an growing database of herbs and there uses. Including cultivation and harvest information.

Places we forage

  • Forests
  • Rivers, lakes, oceans
  • road sides
  • Fields
  • Yards and industrial sites
  • Wast stream, Garbage can, Dumpsters, Land fill sites.

Here you will find the lists our site offers.

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