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Universal School of Biological Life

  • Trip check list.

    What to take on a field trip.

    • Personal gear

      • Footwear

        Good sturdy boots with good traction.

      • Head Gear

        You will need to protect your head from the sun etc

      • Gloves

        Hand coverings that you can use to protect your hands.

        • Leather Gloves
        • Rubber
        • Neoprine

      • Water

      • Safety Gear

        • Hardhat
        • FirstAid Kit
        • Rope

    • Harvest Tools

      • Parafleches
      • Knives
      • Cycles
      • Pruners
      • Ropes
      • Shovels
    • Data on herbs being harvested.

      go to Herb DataBase and save the page of each herb to your device(s) that you will be using in the field.

    • Navigation

      Gps Maps etc
    • Environmental

      Weather reports Etc

We will be exploring ways to share the world we live in with better harmony and respect for all it's inhabitants.


Here you will find the lists our site offers.

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